After reading “The Dog Listener”, I discovered there was a better way to interact with your dog. More importantly, I learned that what I was doing was causing Emmie’s behaviour. Armed with this knowledge, I looked for a way to help other people, who like me, wanted their dogs to be

happy and relaxed. I completed the Advanced level of Canine Communication, taught by Jan Fennell and her son Tony Knight.

Emmie has sadly left us after 14yrs of pleasure, however our

home is now shared with a rescue GSD called Ben, who is

enjoying a happy and relaxed life .

Emmie, a GSD bitch, originally bought to be a pet but on the breeders advice I decided to have a go at showing her. In the show ring, Emmie became very nervous of other dogs, outside of the ring, it developed into a fear of all dogs. I went to several behaviourists but had very little success. As time passed, Emmie relaxed into being just a good friend and we managed her fear but she triggered my interest in understanding dog behaviour.


About Us

I have been around dogs for as long as I can remember. As a result, they have always been a passion of mine.  Most have been German Shepherds (GSD), but along the way, there have been several mixed breed dogs. I have often shared my home with at least two dogs, of differing ages. In the past, I have obedience trained my dogs using the standard methods and achieved reasonable results. Looking back, I remembered sometimes being puzzled as to why at home they had not followed the request I had given them.  Following my training, I now understand why.

Sindy & Ben

Covering:     Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Birmingham